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Delta Blockchain Fund
3 min readOct 9, 2023

Delta Blockchain Fund is excited to announce — our open-source project that allows you to keep track of all the past and future airdrops you are eligible for.

Gnosis, Uniswap, ENS are just some of the big airdrops among 1000s that have taken place in the ecosystem lately. With the number of developers in crypto increasing at a rapid rate it is only going to get harder to keep track of valuable airdrops.

We have made that process simpler than ever. Just enter in your wallet address to find any of your unclaimed airdrops; we currently provide the functionality for Gnosis Safe, Uniswap, Evmos domains, Velodrome, Hop protocol, Optimism, Paraswap, Pika, Shapeshift and are regularly increasing the number of tokens we support. As the project is open source, please feel free to help us increase this list by submitting your token information to us so we can support it.

We also provide support to developers of any project that wish to enable users to claim their airdropped tokens. Just enter your token details here, and we will take care of the rest.

How it works

1. Find your unclaimed airdrops

Enter in your wallet address, and we will find any unclaimed airdrops related to that wallet address.

2. Claim your eligible Airdrops

Once we have identified the airdropped tokens your wallet is eligible for, we will redirect you to the projects page so that you can claim your tokens.

3. Never miss any future airdrops

Sign up with your email address along with your wallet address and we will notify you anytime your wallet receives an unclaimed airdrop!

4. Quick overview of the entire process

In just 3 simple steps, you can claim all the airdrops you are eligible for and always stay up to date on any future airdrops.

For Developers: Registering your project on

For any developers looking to register their project on Airdrops, simply enter in your project name and the wallet addresses and amounts you want to airdrop and we will notify your users whenever they receive a new airdrop. Projects looking to take advantage of the airdrop functionality can also submit a pull request to our GitHub repo with the project details, and we’ll update the application to reflect your airdrop.



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